Monday, November 3, 2008


We have a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot this year in Colorado, addressing said issue from a State level. 
The Amendment seeks to define a Person as taking legal effect at time of fertilization. As it stands today, and has, 
to the best of my knowledge since 1876 (State's birth), a person is recognized at birth. The complications with the
Amendment are legion, so to speak. What about invitro for example? Eggs are fertilized and then disposed of. You 
all know some one who has had this procedure done, if not you. We had better check our hearts on this. For example, 
inflammatory language by "Christians" such as Partial Birth, is not helpful. And what about the personhood of mothers - 
and all of the complications that enuse in the many circumstances that can arise in pregnancy. How do you use, we use, 
technology of ALL kinds. When do we talk about individual right? Repubs and Libertarians and Dems love individual rights 
for everything they support personally, but then want the LAW to step in for everything they don't support. My suggestion 
is that you and I "vote" our conscious by being a living example of what we believe in. Caesar's Politics are not, and never 
will be God's Politics. Where do we get on and off the political platform? Good question. But I sense very little real listening 
to the opposition - and a lot of answer giving.

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