Tuesday, January 28, 2014

SNAP Challenge Day 2

What's shaking SNAP fans?  It's Tuesday evening and...

Day 2 went like this:

Porridge, banana bread, and coffee.

(The banana bread was baked on Sunday night from leftover bananas, 1.5 c flour, .75 c sugar, some butter, vanilla & baking soda.  All costs will be tallied and included in our SNAP budget.)

Zach sort of cheated and had his lunch bought for him by a friend he was pre-arranged to meet (prior to SNAP Challenge). I ordered the cheapest item on the menu: Grilled cheese $6 and water.

Lydia packed the same lunch as Monday, but forgot tortillas. So, it ended up looking like a random assortment of hodgy-podgy misfits. She also snagged some random office condiments (sort of cheating). So we both sort of cheated.
Here's what hodge-podge looks like:

Zach ate some left over pasta (from a week + ago) at 4:45p. It will be deducted from the overall budget (but minimally - a week + old, gimme a break).
Lydia made a dinner from items purchased at Whole Foods Sunday eve for a grand total of $3.75 maybe $4. It was scrumptious, served 3 people + leftovers, and wowed one of the most discerning palates in Boulder.

Red lentil soup with brown rice and yogurt:
Recipe c/o 101Cookbooks blog: http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/red-lentil-soup-with-lemon-recipe.html (but we skipped the spinach, as it was not in our budget).

2 Days down and we're totally satiated and screaming through this thing.

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