Monday, April 21, 2008

On the verge of Barbarism

I went skiing this weekend -- it was a spring ski day -- lots of sun, soft snow, and nowadays revelers who wear colorful costumes in celebration of the end of the season. I asked one man why he was dressed as he was, like some kind of blue sequined super hero with a cape -- and he said it was to appease the snow gods so that they would be as kind next year. The snow gods huh?
I was interested to note that this is a mentality (not a unique one) that is no different than the one carried by humans for as long as there has been recorded history. The mentality of the 'gods'.
I was also interested and startled by the sheer barbarism of this crowd. A certain moderate level of debauchery infused the mood of the day at Arapahoe Basin.
Two men, probaby in their twenties or thirties, carried two inflatable fuck me dolls - with all the parts needless to say. Crass. But more than that. It was not particularly out of place for the scene I was witnessing, which is disturbing to say the least. The general public has gone somewhere near the edges of barbarism. Why and how is this the case?

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Layne said...


I bet you tipped a pint in the lodge with a Barbarian after a day on the slopes.

About the word Barabarian: On May 3, I took in a one-day conference with George Hunter III, author of, "The Celtic Way of Evangelism." I'm not sure how historically accurate it is that St. Patrick "saved" Ireland, but Hunter made the point that the religious powers that be of the day mistakenly believed that some folks are beyond the love and grace of Jesus. What really sucks is that Hunter's point is relevant for my life today: Sometimes I live as if some people are beyond God's grace.

So, tip one for me with the folks gathering in the Arapahoe basin.

I miss you, Layne