Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pennsylvania Primary

The PA results were predictable - and while a loss for Obama and boon to Hillary, it was also hopeful for Obama given the close results in a state full of Hillary type supporters: working class white, long time democrats, and women who lean left.
It may or may not hurt the Democrat's chances to take the White House by continuing a nasty race - I tend to think it won't hurt, as long as neither Hillary or Obama bloody one another with personal attacks too badly. However Hillary seems to be taking a cut-throat approach - in an attempt to win at all costs. The attitude of contempt is written all over her face everytime she refers to Obama. It seems to me that she is insulted by a real challenge for a position that she deems hers by way of entitlement. This is an unfortunate attitude. Even Bill has the nasty mentality going, evidenced by the recent expose on his race bating (South Carolina Primary). Even if some of the media attention sensationalized Bill's comments, he didn't do himself any favors by responding with spite and anger towards the media. The fact is, Bill made the comments out of the same attitude of entitlement that Hillary conveys: Sure, S.C. might vote for Obama, but this means nothing. Even Jesse Jackson won S.C. After all it's a state full of black people.
This is more than a tad insulting to Barack, implying that he is a two-bit candidate and that his blackness has everything with his vote getting. Assuming that everyone knows black won't go the distance. This is utter nonsense and inflammatory talk by a man who likes to self-prop himself as the "first black president." Whatever that means. Hillary and Bill need to get over themselves.

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